Activist embroidery

Activist embroidery


“My work originated as a sub-project of the artist Bojana Stamenković ‘s curatorial idea, with the theme Struggle Against Human Trafficking, inspired by a cooperation with Center for Girls, in December 2016 in Niš.

The main curatorial idea was to analytically observe messages we find on T-shirts in women’s cut and to write on the same, using embroidery (an old and never properly valued women’s craft), the messages warning of problematic situations in society and current burning issues we want to draw attention to.

While the realization of this project is in progress, in the meantime I set the given idea in my own research discourse and applied my work to the intimate apparel, more precisely to the nightgowns, old-fashioned slips and/or underskirts. With my approach I am going into more intimate zones, and by more subtle visual handwriting I draw attention to the problem we currently deal with.

In this work I have used the typography required by concepts in the service of activist art. The embroidered sentences are usually those appearing on the protest banners and/or those created in the current workshops within Center for Girls, drawing attention to the topic we are engaged in at the moment, i.e. the issue we currently deal with.”


 Sanja Solunac, visual artist, assistant at Center for Girls